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About Jeans:  Jeans are the most versatile piece of clothing in men’s wardrobe. Right, but , because of different variations (fabric, fit and style) undoubtedly offer many options to men’s to use them for a number of events, from day to night, to any season. So if you want to pick the perfect pair of denim, first don’t forget to explore some of the frequent and peculiar styles and then choose the style which compliments you.

  1. SkinnySkinny jeans mean skinny from hip to hem (tighter fit with a tapered leg opening). Guys who have a slender body type can go with skinny jeans as they offer the slim fit that they want. For more stylish look you can pair your skinny jeans with any favourite T-shirt, chunky trainers and a bomber jacket. Slim: A tailored cut fitted through the thigh and knee. Athletic guys who have a slim waist with muscular legs and buttocks can go for slim jeans and show off their muscles or toned body.
  2. Regular: A balanced fit not too slim not too relaxed has straight from the knee to hem, with adequately large leg opening is perfect choice for taller and athletic guys as this style won’t help to flaunt their long legs but help to balance out the body.
  3. Relaxed:  A classic fit with room through the thigh for added comfort is perfect for heavy/muscular/big boned man as this jeans type will not offer more space but not going to hold close any part of your body.
  4. Loose:  A baggy fit offers huge space in the thighs, legs and butt. Guys who are big boned or heavy body type should go with this loose style jean as they will not allow his body to breathe comfortably but won’t limit their actions or put pressure on joints.

Tips that every man need to consider when buying Denim:

  1.  Must measure yourself before buying a pair of jeans, yes, it won’t save your lot of time but set free from heartache.
  2.  Give attention to subtle features like colour, fabric (waxed, selvedge, acid wash and stonewashed)
  3.  Don’t forget to consider what style of jeans would suit you. No doubt these tips are just a guideline to find the right pair of jeans which will flatter your body type the most but finally choose the style in which you feel comfortable and confident.