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About T-Shirts:  When you want to go out in a hurried way and need to dress properly, then t-shirt is the best option to wear and move out. Yes t-shirts are not only the comfortable and light attire but also give a trendy look. In today’s fashion world, there are various types of men t-shirts are available in the market with different variations (colour, fit and style). So don’t just go out and buy a plain one, first explore various types of t-shirts and then decide what you want to include in your wardrobe.

  1. Polo T-ShirtPolo t-shirts which have collar variety adorned with buttons add a sense of formality to the look. This t-shirt is perfect choice for golf, formal event, get-together, hanging out with friends or running errands. Guys who have a lean frame can take the most advantage of this t-shirt type as they create an illusion of a fuller upper body.
  2. Henley T-Shirt: Henley t-shirts which are best described as a combination of crew and V necklines comes with a buttoning placket of several inches and are perfect choice for casual and semi-formal occasions. Guys who have well-built and muscular chest can go for this t-shirt as they show off their muscles. For great look, you can combine plain neutral colour Henley t-shirt with any denims, chinos, khakis, cargoes or sweatpants.
  3. V-neck T-Shirt:  V neck t-shirt which forms a V shape at the neck is perfect choice for both casual and formal look. For Fitness freaks who wants to show off their abs and biceps can wear body-hugging V-neck t-shirt and be a fitness or style icon Crew Neck T-Shirt: Crew neck t-shirts which is round, circular neckline fits snugly at the neck is perfect choice for casual and comfortable look. Guys who have long, narrow faces and sloped shoulders can go for this t-shirt as they create an illusion of broader and better proportioned. For great casual look, you can wear it under collared shirts.
  4. U Neck/Scoop Neck T-Shirt:  The scoop neck is another variation of the crew neck t-shirt has round neckline hangs a few inches below the collarbone. Although not as rugged looking as the other necklines has a subtlety that complements the metrosexual look.

Tips that every man need to consider when buying a T-Shirt:

  1.  Must know about your measurements and body type
  2. Exquisite features (loose, slim or fitted)
  3.  Give attention to the collar
  4.  Fabrics (which one is best for you)
  5.  Don’t forget about colour and print So whatever your style, upgrade your wardrobe with latest styles and perfect fits at a simple click of button.