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About Trousers:  Trousers which are the traditional alternative to jeans when it comes to semi-casual and formal legwear are one of the staple that men might not have considered, but definitely should. Yes, the smart choice of the bottoms won’t break the denim addiction but upgrade the glare of your trending pieces that you spent so long on questing.

  1. ChinosChinos or Casual Cotton Trousers made from a cotton or cotton twill fabric have been a part of fashion world since the 20th century. In today’s fashion world, Chinos come in different variations like colour, fit which allows them not to be dressed up or down for different occasions but it is a popular style that comes with exceptionally cool way. So, before wearing the chinos for any occasion, don’t forget to consider what type of chinos you have, as for semi-formal occasion, chinos look perfect with t-shirt, denim jacket, and sneakers and for a business casual meeting look best with blazer and brogues.
  2. Casual trousers:  The Casual Trousers which come in different styles, vibrant colours and sassy designs not help the youth to experiment with fashion in their own way but at the same time comfortable and enhance the look without any efforts.
  3. Formal Trousers:  Formal trousers which come in pleated and plain front type both are ideal for formal or semi-formal daywear. But if you want something that’s a bit different than the standard pants like black, blue, and grey then opt for blazer nearest shades colours, as they won’t look you elegant but staying calm and knocking the style code. And yeah, never choose the formal pants that are too tight, as it could destroy the magic of a formal dress code.
  4. Joggers and Track pants:   Joggers and Track pants which are made of stretchy fabric are available in many colours and can be clubbed with different styles too. Yes you can wear this piece not only during jogging hours but it is appropriate for casual outings and workouts. So, don’t be afraid and nail the style of joggers/track pants with confidence and smarten up the laziest look now!
  5. Cargo pants:   Cargo pants are loose fitting cotton trousers with large patch pockets which are half way down each leg were mainly designed for outdoor activities. But now a day, they have become popular for street style looks. So you can finish your modern style outfit with these pants, as they have an interesting mix of comfort and fitness cue.

Tips that every man need to consider when buying Denim:

  1.  Figure your size.
  2.  Give attention on the subtle feature of the trouser like fabric, style of pleats/trouser front, hem style, belt/suspender support and colour.
  3. Identify the kind of tailoring and construction you want like Bespoke (completely custom made size), Made-to-measure (a pre-made pattern size) and Ready-to-wear (pre-sized off the rack).
  4. Last but not least don’t forget to select a type of store: like Department stores, Menswear chains, Independent boutiques, bespoke tailors and Online So whatever your style, upgrade your wardrobe with latest sleek and stylish pair of trousers that will stand out you in a crowd.